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How do I change the formatting options of a chart from my data in the chart builder?

Last Updated: Jun 04, 2018 07:06AM PDT
In the OPTIONS for formatting in the chart builder and depending on the type of chart type you have selected, you can:
  • Change the chart colors.
  • Change the axis options
  • Change text and visual options on your chart.
To change the chart color:
  1. In the chart builder, click the OPTIONS tab.
  2. Click the CHOOSE COLORS button.
  3. Click a colored bar.
  4. Select a color:
    1. Click a color section in the sidebar, then click a color in the color hue box, or
    2. Type a color hex code into the # field.
  5. Click OK.
    1. To add a highlight to a bar chart, click a bar on the chart.
    2. The color will change to the highlight color you chose.
  6. Click SAVE.
To change the axis options:
  1. In the chart builder, click the OPTIONS tab.
  2. Click the AXIS OPTIONS button.
    1. Click the SWAP AXES button to change the axes. This option appears when you have chosen three columns to display.
    2. Type an axis label in the axis label fields, as desired. Axis labels default to the column name from your data. To remove an axis label completely, type a space into the axis label field.
    3. Type a number in the axis min/max fields, as desired.
  3. Click anywhere in the axis editor to save your changes.
  4. Click the AXIS OPTIONS button when you are finished.
To change text and visual options on your chart:
  1. In the chart builder, click the OPTIONS tab.
  2. Select or deselect the options, which only appear when they fit the chart, as desired:
  3. Change the radial button to change the decimal places visible on a table chart.
    1. Select Show Background to add a white background to the chart.
    2. Select Show Point Markers to add point makers to a line or area chart.
    3. Select Show Data Labels to add data labels to the chart.
    4. Select Show Legend to add the legend to the chart.
    5. Select Show Title to keep the chart title visible.
    6. Select Show Grid Lines to keep the grid lines visible on the chart.
    7. Select Show Source to keep the source field under the title visible.
    8. Select Enable Public Filtering to allow the chart to remain filterable for readers as they view the story. This filter feature refers to the filter on the button under the chart title.
    9. Select Hide Filter Text to hide any filter text that you added to the chart. Readers will not see the filter you used.
    10. Select Ignore Universal Filters to allow the chart to disobey any universal filters in your story. The chart will not change when a reader uses a universal filter in a published story.
To change the title and/or source text on your chart:
  1. On the chart, click the pen icon next to the chart title or source.
  2. Delete the existing text.
  3. Type a title or source into the appropriate field.
To save your chart:
  1. In a dashboard, click PIN.
  2. In a story, click ADD TO STORY.
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